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Spartan EP gear oils are suitable for use wherever industrial gear oil is required. Spartan EP grades are suitable for the lubrication of heavily loaded enclosed gear sets including spur, helical and bevel designs and provide protection in applications where shock loading occurs. Spartan EP 68 approved for use in the Sunds defibrator ! Eleven grades are available, from ISO 32 to ISO 1000 including SPARTAN EP ALL SEASON, which is an ISO 150 grade formulated for outdoor use. Primary Applications SPARTAN EP gear oils are suitable for heavily loaded gear sets and gears that are subject to shock loading. Spartan EP 320 is an ISO Viscosity Grade (VG) 320 industrial extreme pressure gear lubricant, commonly used in splash or circulating systems..

Esso spartan ep 320

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632 ESSO Febis. K68. LAMORA Esso Kutwell. Mobilcut. Mobilgear 600 XP 320. Epona Z 320/Carter EP 320. Meropa 320. Omala S2 G 320.


esso spartan ep 220 msds - Bing - Free PDF Downloads Blog: Spartan EP 220. Spartan EP 320. esso spartan ep 150 msds -- free document library by ExxonMobil Spartan EP 320 Categories: Fluid; Lubricant.

Esso spartan ep 320

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Esso spartan ep 320

(12). 320. (12). 460. (4).

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PP. Fullt certifierad ISO VG 320. 30°C till 150°C. Pump Esso Spartan. • Texaco  320. 415.

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spartan ep 680. meropa 680 Exxon Spartan Synthetic EP 320 is or was manufactured by Exxon. The product offered by BlueSky Lubricants is a replacement product of similar quality and performance as a high-pressure gear oil. If you have any questions concerning BlueSky Lubricants’ alternative to Exxon products, please contact us by our Toll Free Phone Number 1-855-899-7467.

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30°C till 150°C. Pump Esso Spartan. • Texaco  320. 415. 285.

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Spartan™ EP son una familia de lubricantes industriales con aditivos de extrema presión para engranajes. HR-5-EP. Renolin MR 1. Sintex 5. Houghto Spin 5. Tirroil HLPD 5. Fuso 5.

Spartan EP oils can be used in either splash or circulating systems.